Why Nova Scotia? Let's Start With the Price of Housing ...

While the cost housing becomes increasingly unreasonable in Western Canada, those who love the ocean are flocking to the "Other Coast" to find a life that leaves room for leisure. Homes with acreage can be easily found under 200,000, and lovely condos list at up to 1/10th of the prices found in Vancouver. A family can truly live again, with far less emphasis on barely making the mortgage every month and far more on "what do to this weekend" and that puts Nova Scotia on everyone's consideration list as the time for purchasing a new home approaches. 

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Because the demand on mortgage payments is lower, Nova Scotia is a mecca of opportunity for the entrepreneur. Like all regions of Canada, there is no shortage of needs; of things people want access to, but unlike other regions of Canada, the overhead of life and even business is so low in Nova Scotia that anyone with an instinct for business can thrive with less risk and more chance of success. 

Online Business Dream Come True

If you work online; run your business on the net - you arrive earning the exact same amount you do now but pay quite a bit less of it toward your living expenses. Mortgages that keep your payments under 1000 means you can spend your hard earned money on life, fun, excitement... even a cooler car if that's your dream. Why pour that massive heap of cash into something you can get at much better rates elsewhere? 

Natures Playgrounds Abound

From Tidal Boar Rafting and Hiking to Fishing and Horseback Riding, the amount of things to do and people to play with is almost unlimited. Nova Scotia is even home of Canada's Kejimkujick National Park, a place where 1000's come year around to soak up the natural beauty while on the canoes and kayaks rented right at Jake's Landing. Nova Scotia is all about playtime and leisure living. 

Intensely Fabulous Summers and Mild Snowy Winters

Nova Scotia summers are described as Sub Tropical with the humid nature of most regions along with consistently super warm temperatures. While central Canada and much of the western regions of the Country suffers heart stopping cold in winter, most Nova Scotia regions experience snow without that icy bitter cold; that's right the 40 below of Manitoba and Ontario say in Manitoba and Ontario. 

Proximity to Europe 

It stands to reason that if you have bunches of money left over after the mortgage payment, you may want to travel. With Nova Scotia sitting so close to Europe you can also travel for less as airlines don't have to take you across the Country to get you there. You also have access to tropical playgrounds such as Cuba, fraught with incredible architecture, warm sandy beaches and an intense history to take in.